An imperfect existence

Let's face it, everyone's a jerk, including God. Because if we weren't jerks, we would correct the mistakes that pisses everyone off. We do, good deeds, we're generous, but we keep making the same mistakes over and over, which is bound to piss someone off. Religious people even show their ignorance when they say that God is perfect. If he was, then why would male preying mantis die after sex, why would a perfect God allow cancer. So let's face it, God's not perfect, and that's okay. I'm pretty sure God knows that he's not perfect. That's why that dream ghost told me that God opened his eyes with the universe. The universe, an imperfect beauty, full of a shit ton of things that can destroy planets. If God was perfect, he would let life exist everywhere. Maybe there is intelligent life out there, and maybe God came to earth as Jesus, and even then he was not perfect, otherwise he wouldn't have said may he who is without sin cast the first stone. So we live in an imperfect existence, with an imperfect universe with an imperfect God.

big fucking deal.

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