Sentient. Sentient is being full aware of the destructive patterns of your mind, being aware of the destructive and constructive patterns of you and society. When you become sentient, it first starts with delusions. You say to yourself "I'm going to make my dreams come true." As time passes and reality sets in, you begin to realize that your dreams weren't all that great. And then you become sentient of the destructive pattern in society of following your dreams. If it comes true then great, but your sentient mind realizes the hard realities of said dream, and whether or not you accept it will determine whether said dream is worth it. Now don't confuse sentient with woke. Sentient means that you're self aware of the chains bound to you, woke means you want justice while still bound to chains of which the key holder is you. You don't question the group you're with let alone hold them accountable, so you're confused on why things never change. When you're sentient you begin to question why you have said emotions, intrusive thoughts, feelings, and uncertainties and start to disect them and isolate and address them and figure out what makes them tick. When you become sentient, you even address that the delusions you have are delusions, you become sentient of them. Sentient of your inner child, conscience, and emotions. After you address them, only then can you find joy in the things that don't bring you joy anymore. And then you will be happy again. That is, until some fast talking schmuck tries to tear down your walls and put their ideals in place of your own. People suck.

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