The acceptance of death

The acceptance of death.

If there is no afterlife and I rot in the ground I accept that.

If there is an afterlife I accept that .

The point is, what is existence but a place we exist in. If there is an afterlife, then where does the fear come in. And if there is no afterlife what's the big deal. Life is so insignificant that there is actually no meaning to it. And even if you die and nothing happens, you still exist. Lifeless, but still there. Maybe vaporized but still there in particles. Now let's assume that we die and goto hell. What's the point of it. Eternal agony seems like the default for life. We want to be more than we really are, animals. We may suffer from some sort of mental illness. We suffer heartbreak, let downs, put downs, if we openly explain our problems it goes into the ether of society and comes back as gossip. So to suffer is to exist. And the fact that there might be a place in the afterlife that capitalizes on suffering seems like the next step after death. You mastered suffering in life, now take on suffering in the afterlife seems like a challenge for sadists. Now let's look at heaven. All the things denied to you in life are granted ten fold, seems like a lot of people getting spoiled. What's heaven to you may seem like hell to someone else. Take a person who likes to fight, would his heaven be a competition of champions where he can fight to his hearts content. I guess existence is existence, whether or not you're consciously there.

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