The definition of insanity

This is something that is on my mind a lot. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

It became more apparent when I was playing celeste. No matter how many times I get better, my mind happens to make the same mistakes. And I realized something. The more we make mistakes, the more frustrated we are, the more frustrated we are, the less focused we became. This is the cycle of insanity. It accounts for real life personal development as well. We attempt to correct the mistake, the mind repeats the mistake, enough times we get either frustrated or discouraged. And if we became frustrated, there goes our focus. And the act to correct the mistake falls apart. Patience also plays a role, but not as much as focus. I could have held back in celeste to get around that one obstacle, but as I repeated the same part I began to get impatient and then frustrated. That's when I put the game down to return with a clear head later. Thank God it's got fair checkpoints, because if it didn't, it would have artificial difficulty. God I love dissecting my mental state.

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