Weight facts

I want to gain more muscle, but I don't consume enough protein. I'm starting to gain some muscle weight. My main goal is to be muscular by next summer. So far it's been helping me out with my mental problems. I just gotta consume more protein. So far, my quest to be a long haired muscle bound juice head is turning out right. I can curl 40lbs, I maxed out the triceps machine, I'm starting to max out the shoulder muscle machine 💪. My secret, lift until you can't lift anymore. When you feel no resistance when lifting weights, up the weights by 5 points. Try to do two sets of six, or at least as far as you can go. Isolate the muscle when working out. Isolate the biceps, the triceps, the chest, and the shoulders. For 6 pack abs, 75% diet, 25% sit ups. Go until you can't go anymore.

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